September 30, 2012
Carnage sprung by the Bloody Marys! New villains on the rise!

Four days ago Cletus Kasady, other wise known as the ruthless and murderous villain Carnage, was sprung from jail by a new band of female criminals, the Bloody Marys. The band was reported to have forced their way into the jail and mercilessly beat down the guards of the prison.

“They came in with a taser and melted one of our men’s radios,” a guard reports. Several of whom were hospitalized by the group’s ruthless and cut throat rampage of the prison as they went to spring their partner in crime. 

 Sources report Carnage and one of the Marys have a love connection. Eye witness reports reveal the connection between the two was like a new version of Bonnie and Clyde as they held their intense passion for each other in the confines of the prison, greeting each other with a kiss of passion. Bonnie and Carnage pose a danger greater than Gotham’s Joker and Harley Quinn and anyone who sees them or their band of Bloody Marys should approach with caution and call the police hotline (555)-435-4512.

The two lovers and their followers made no remarks as they fled the scene. The ruthless and diabolical maneuvering hold root to the well known villains Spiderman and 
 the Tumblevengers. Now that they have rejoined with their member and have banded together with the Bloody Marys police advise to immediately call their hotline on sight: (555)-435-4512.

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