April 17, 2013
Tumblrevengers a Tumblr brothel?

A series of undercover reporting has gone on at the Tumblevenger tower to reveal one of the most shocking and disgusting discoveries, an institute for sexual favors. You heard it here first, Tumblr’s so called “heros” sell their bodies. A search for drugs is currently underway but this reporter wouldn’t be surprised to find cocaine or zydrate. 

An interview was done with one of the workers and it was obvious all the work she had done at the depraved place had caused her to be shut off with a sort of PTSD. However she was able to explain the Steampunk themes this brothel would sometimes carry. 

A lot of the interview was drowned out to the resounding sounds of “No!” being screamed in ecstasy. Obviously it was a busy day that day. Our source then excused herself to go listen to Annie, a fellow prostitute, as more moans echoed throughout the hall.

We were able to get photos of these monstrosities, for those of the feint of heat we recommend you do not look. 

The infamous Spiderman, in the practice of bondage with Thorby. The two were on their break when they came to the idea of practicing seduction techniques. The pictures following were too graphic for the public. 
Loki, the god of mischief who lives among the Tumblevengers was hard at work and being run ragged by customers. The owner of the arm was found to be none other than Carnage. After the clothes were removed we got a photo of the symbiotic criminal, leaning close to the god, tongue out. The photo had to be left out for younger viewers. 
Even some of the brighter minds have fallen in this house of sin.  Doctor Otto Octavius, otherwise know as the villain Doc Oc was seen giving out ass slaps as a sign of foreplay before taking his customers to bed. 
I must say this come to no surprise to find that these wrong-doers are looser in their morals than we Tumblrites came to find. So from the Tumblr Bugle we hope you stay safe and not to catch anything from these leaches. 

April 17, 2013
Wedding Bells for the Billionaire Playboy: Follow up photo!


Our photographers at the Bugle were able to capture this photo of the Billionair Tony Stark and his mystery woman, identity yet to be released. Several detectives have been put on the case by Stark’s former female relationships. 

"It will be a grand wedding," wedding planned of the Brides and Things beauty parlor commented. 

The dates and details of the bride and wedding are yet to be released, but shall be posted in the Bugle.  

((OCC: Sorry for the lag on this one, here’s to a future of less lag, also this photo is not mine, someone kindly made it for me, but sadly I lost who it was. I am so sorry. *bows* )) 

November 20, 2012
Grey Anon corrupting SQUEALED and Intern!

The villanous Grey Anon has now infiltrated SQUEALED through the woman know only at Intern. The two were seen plotting the demise of SQUEALED and the city through magic and zombie enslavery. When the intern was approached with questions the look of guilt was undeniable.

The horrible plot the two had planned in know as the  ”Black Friday”. The Tumblr Bugle warns the citizens of Tumblr to stay indoors this friday. According to the couple’s diabolical plans the streets will be filled with chaos and panic in the economy causeing stores to lower all their prices. 
The two new crime lords will be brought to justice and questioned. As a formal statement to Intern, we at the Tumblr Bugle are truly shamed that you have fallen so far into the chasm of evil and wickedness. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Intern or Grey Anon call the local authorities. 

November 20, 2012
Tumblevengers progeny no gooders like their parents!

Reports of the children on the Tumblevengers, doing acts of vandelism has spread through out the city. Which to many citizens come as no surpirse becuase of bad influences and terrible role models. An example would Loki, evidence seen here in this photo  .

New has been spread that the miscreants soon plan to go to Gothem and rob the national bank with the Joker. The police have been set on the criminal’s trail to contain them and prevent more crime to spread. 

October 24, 2012
Wedding bells for the Billionaire Playboy?


Caption: Tony and mystery woman holding hands.

Just this Sunday eye witnesses spotted billionaire owner of Stark Industries, Tony Stark, with a brunette woman with wearing ring on her ring finger. The two held obvious romantic interest, which when asking a third party source is “No big news.” 

However the two seemed closer than any of Stark’s past female companions. In addition to the fact Stark was also wearing a ring.  The identity of bride-to-be is unknown as of yet and will be disclosed at a later date.

Stark Industries, weapons and defense manufacturer has a net worth of billions which has caused many female players to become involved in Tony Stark’s love life. Many have attested to the playboy’s easy attitude which only makes the fact of a fiance even more surprising. 

"I bet this is just some grand gesture to get her in bed" an outside source reports. "That’s what he does, he makes you think he loves you and then leaves" 

It begs the question, has Tony Stark, the billionaire genius, playboy and philanthropist been played and whipped? More news on this as the story progresses. 

October 21, 2012
New villain on the rise: Grey Anon!

As many of Tumblrites know there is a fiend the loose by the name of Grey Anon. He has been plaguing the streets of Tumblr with acts of chaos by gender bending, shapeshifting other and various other crimes. 

A victim of such crimes is Black Bolt, a Tumblevenger, which poses the question are they working together? More information to be obtained on the issue.

"He’s just a magical faceless coward with a problem…I think he’s a jerk." Miss Fury, director of SQUEALED commented. She too had been a victim to the villainy of Grey Anon by being gender bent.

Little is known about Grey Anon other than he signs all his posts as ‘Grey Anon’ and is extremely elusive and appears at random. If confronted call the local authorities before he can cause harm to more of your fellow Tumblrites!

If I, Jameson were to be your President I assure you this menace would be brought to justice and his associates, the Tumblevengers. 

Anyone with information on Grey Anon please call: (555)-453-7865

October 18, 2012
Vote for Jameson! Bringing you to new Heights!

My fellow Tumblr members! Jameson here to announce I will be running for office for President of this fine community. I, unlike my opponents, report to you, the people on the happenings of the world. Meaning I know what is going on and how I can better serve you.

A vote for Jameson is a vote for safer streets! As someone who knows the streets are filled with crime and as President I would be sure to keep dangerous villains, masked or not off the streets and to keep you and your families safe. 

As my loyal readers may know there has been a Tumblr Bugle issue supporting my opponent Cletus Kasady. I will acknowledge his running but must remind you of his negligence to the fact he had a daughter and failed to give her the father figure she needed. How can someone lead a country when he cannot help his own family?

I have lead the Bugle and I can lead this country to new and glorious heights! Vote for Jay Jessica Jameson for President.

Please call if you wish to help the campaign at (555)-VOTE-JJJ

October 17, 2012
Carnage for President

In today’s upcoming election there are several competitors that should be followed but The Tumblr Bugle must address Cletus Kasady’s nomination and campaign for President. 

Kasady is a take charge individual who will lead our country forward by any means necessary. The fact he has a criminal record, even before being infected by symbiote, attests to the fact that he will go beyond any barrier to serve what he finds most important, himself and our community.

The fact Kasady has a daughter shows his commitment to the future. Word on how Kasady will take up his new fatherly role and balance the position as commander in chief has yet to be heard. His confidence in his ability to take the position is uncanny and can only lead us to a colorful and enlightening future as he tells the people his uncommon views on the issues.

September 30, 2012
In other news: Carnage’s partner replaced!

With the rise of the Bloody Marys and Caranage’s new rein of terror, ties have now been severed with his former partner Loki. In an exclusive interview Loki explains how he abandoned his previous partner Thor and his emotions towards Carnage:

"Kasady [Carnage] has gotten under my skin as it were…[He is] a friend…You could say, we’ve developed a rather deep bond." 

When Carnage was approached he forcfully gave his answer in how he is shutting off the relationship and locking Loki out. Despite Loki responding to Carnage’s new mass of partners as being “open to all kinds of possibilities.” 

Crime rates soon to skyrocket from Loki’s emotional rampage from his partner ending their criminal relationship. 

September 30, 2012
Carnage sprung by the Bloody Marys! New villains on the rise!

Four days ago Cletus Kasady, other wise known as the ruthless and murderous villain Carnage, was sprung from jail by a new band of female criminals, the Bloody Marys. The band was reported to have forced their way into the jail and mercilessly beat down the guards of the prison.

“They came in with a taser and melted one of our men’s radios,” a guard reports. Several of whom were hospitalized by the group’s ruthless and cut throat rampage of the prison as they went to spring their partner in crime. 

 Sources report Carnage and one of the Marys have a love connection. Eye witness reports reveal the connection between the two was like a new version of Bonnie and Clyde as they held their intense passion for each other in the confines of the prison, greeting each other with a kiss of passion. Bonnie and Carnage pose a danger greater than Gotham’s Joker and Harley Quinn and anyone who sees them or their band of Bloody Marys should approach with caution and call the police hotline (555)-435-4512.

The two lovers and their followers made no remarks as they fled the scene. The ruthless and diabolical maneuvering hold root to the well known villains Spiderman and 
 the Tumblevengers. Now that they have rejoined with their member and have banded together with the Bloody Marys police advise to immediately call their hotline on sight: (555)-435-4512.